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“From a toolbox to exports in 80 countries: the history of Urbinati”

“Customers from India, Russia and Africa arrived for the occasion. The president of the Emilia-Romagna region, Stefano Bonaccini, was amazed by the degree of innovation achieved. Mauro Prosperi, Olympic gold medalist in Los Angeles 1984, compared the tries of an athlete to the desire of a company to never set itself limits.

In this climate, the company Urbinati, manufacturer of automation machines in the horticultural-nursery sector, yesterday officially inaugurated part of the new headquarters and presented its internal reorganization.  The company headquarters, located in San Mauro Pascoli (Forlì-Cesena), hosted 500 guests including customers, farmers, technicians and 80 employees with their families.

– “Because we are a really great family – Romina Urbinati made her debut, taking the stage, not without emotion – My father founded the company in 1980, but in reality her story began well before. Today we export to 80 countries around the world and we have a motto first of all: nothing is impossible.” –

The areas of operation of Urbinati in the field of horticulture are: handling, irrigation, labelling, extraction, topping, germination, conservation. For each of these operations, Urbinati offers the right technical solution.

A typical story of many businesses, that of Nino Urbinati. – “At 18 years – he told us – I bought, making debts, a toolbox of 100 thousand lire. With that I started doing the first mechanical jobs. I went to the farmers’ house to ask them what they needed. I started like this.” –

The first machine of Urbinati, the one that made the brand famous, was the “Nude-Seeds Everything” that was used to plant in the alveoli, one by one, lettuce seeds. Until then all the work had to be done by hand while, thanks to Nino’s genius, everything was automated thanks to syringe needles and aspirators.

Yesterday in San Mauro Pascoli, not far from the Torre della Villa Torlonia where the poet Giovanni Pascoli spent his childhood, the company that welcomed visitors seemed a living room. ” The beauty is that it is always so – a guest told us – and not only today, because there is an official moment. Here order and cleanliness always reign”.

The new production site extends, to date, on an area of about 12 thousand square meters, arranged on two levels entirely covered. The inauguration yesterday covered about 2000 square meters. For the occasion, we had the opportunity to view the innovative machinery of the Urbinati product range that covers all stages of the life cycle of a plant in a nursery, from seed to sale.

– “Anticipating the times – added Romina, the new generation in the company – is one of the secrets of Urbinati. And then the speed of execution. As a working group, which includes the company’s members and the Chief Operating Officer Massimo Sepe, we always try to pursue these objectives: to anticipate the evolution of the market.” –

“At Urbinati we never give up” was repeated several times. Just like the Pentatleta Prosperi who, during an extreme experience, was lost in the desert for 10 days before meeting a caravan of nomads who saved his life.

Today and tomorrow (8 and 9 November 2016) at the company will take place the recurring appointment of Open Days, where you can see not only the new headquarters, but also the new equipment.”


Date of Issue: 08/11/2016
Author: Cristiano Riciputi
Copyright: www.freshplaza.it