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Urbinati Srl is proud to announce its entering as a member of GACSA – Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agricolture – an inclusive and voluntary apolitical platform whose vision is that of improve food security, nutrition and resilience in the face of climate change. GACSA aims to attract the attention of those multi-stakeholders who can contribute, with their skills and information, to catch the final goal.

GACSA membership certificate within global climate smart agriculture association


Urbinati would like to share its knowledge gained in the nursery market spreading the awareness that the best way to grant more finish product with higher quality is through an automated and controlled process: production will be maximized, safeguarding the environment and reducing waste of energy and water. Furthermore, providing knowledge and technology is the driver to increase growth and quality life of involved populations: local people can be employed in the productive cycle and so have new opportunities.

GACSA Membership Certificate


URBINATI knowledge for GACSA

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