«A new generation of machines.«

That’s how Alessandro Mazzacano proudly describes the new IA3500, that was launched by Urbinati recently. The Italian manufacturer of nursery equipment created a completely electromechanical potting machine. » The machine can be adjusted for local circumstances. This way the IA3500 can help growers around the world to upgrade their potting system and answer labor challenges”, Alessandro Mazzacano with Urbinati explains.»Since it can be easily adjusted, also small growers can use the machine.«

Potting machine
Alessandro Mazzacano is the export area manager with the company, and he is very satisfied by the interest the new machine raised since the launch at this year’s IPM. « We’ve extended our line of potting machines with the IA3500 potting machine. This is a completely electromechanical machine, with motors driven by 5 inverters. Thanks to this, the energy use has decreased, the lifespan has increased and the downtime for maintenance will be lower. «

Maximising running time
Maximising the running time of the machine was an important topic in the design, and user friendliness has also been given a lot of attention. “All settings can be programmed and saved, reducing considerably the set-up times when adapting to different pot diameters. Combined with the safety racks around the machine, this makes the IA3500 the first of a new generation.

The machine can handle round/square pots from 8 to 25 cm in diameter and has a capacity up to 4500 pots per hour (2500 for the 25 cm diameter pots). The belt length can be customized for the customer’s needs.

The IA3500 is equipped with an automatic control soil feeding system. Alessandro explains: “The pot denester, the drill depth, the hourly production, the speed of the working belt and the other functions of the potting machine are controlled by a PLC and they can be easily set from the colour touch-screen. All settings can be programmed and saved by the operator. Also, the last setting can be recalled with just one touch.”

Publication date : 2/12/2019
Author: Arlette Sijmonsma