Urbinati and C-LED: testing to counteract the effects of a plant disease –

C led nurseries

Agricola Cortenuova di Casalmaggiore, specialized in the production of tomatoes, radicchio and onions.

A trial has started by combining the technologies of the company C-LED srl (Cefla) and the company URBINATI. The main objective is to stimulate the transpiration of plants, reducing moisture in the basal parts of their collar to facilitate the passage of water and nutrients inside the plant tissues.


The URBINATI irrigation bars equipped with C-LED toplight lamps

The URBINATI irrigation bars, equipped with C-LED toplight lamps, are slid over the plants at regular intervals, so as to irradiate the tomato plants in a uniform and constant way.

URBINATI and C-LED: experimentation to counteract the effects of widespread plant disease


The main expected results are the reduction of the percentage of onset of physiopathies and the obtaining of healthier, more robust and compact plants.