Labelling machine with peeling system


EAS labelling machine, with new high performance printing device.

The EAS labelling machine for greenhouses and nurseries, prints and applies labels with a peel-off system. The customization of the print can be complete (via PC or touch-screen monitor) or partial, with the use of pre-printed labels: it is the ideal solution to comply the new EU regulatory instrument Plant Passport.

EAS labelling machine can be indifferently used with vases, trays, pot holders or trays, ideal if they’re on move. It can be used both as a single machine or integrated in a working line.

MAIN FEATURES: Control with 5.7 “monochromatic touch-screen (touch-screen labels); setting of labels from PC or touch-screen; head angle adjustable by screw; sensor that detects the presence of the product to be labeled. The support on column is adjustable in height with a simple crank.


HOURLY PRODUCTION (Max)labels/hour4000
HEIGHT of LABELS (max)mm100

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