Double rail irrigation boom

Working area: up to 16 x 300 meters

New suspended double rail irrigation boom: the same precision in irrigating with even more flexibility of use.


Greenhouse market is changing and needs bigger area in which crops are under control: effect is that greenhouses manufacturer developed their products achieving length over 250 [m], wide up to 16 [m].

Starting from these key points, we have decided to develop a new irrigation system that can match these needs granting reliability and performances.

Less installation time is now achievable due to a new rail frame and special connection which suspensions can be fitted between trusses 6 [m] distance (according with other features). Less maintenance thanks to two steel cables, one alongside the water hose, which are used to tensioning the system.

Water hose lifetime is increased as the new wheel drives it during rotation and it slides on bearings along the rail. Maximization of irrigation area due the new flexible configuration of the components.

It has been extended the possibility to customize the zone cycles settings, through a simplified and intuitive touch-screen interface or with the renewed mod-rem provided by wider display and able to manage up to 240 irrigation booms.

For more details, download the attachment and contact our offices: we will be happy to give you all the information that you want.

SPEED of WORKING (min-max)m/min2-16
LENGTH of WORKING (max)m300
WIDTH of WORKING (max)m16

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