DEGROUPING CONVEYOR – up to 3.000 pots/hour


It is an automated buffer table for degrouping and arranging pots and trays in individual units.

The BUFFERSEP is a very useful machine for carrying out of the intermediate stages of the production process better and faster: with a transport fork, the containers can be positioned directly on the feeding buffer belt where a specially designed bar system will identify the rows and will advance them one at a time on the intermediate belt.

From here, in an automated manner, the pots will proceed neatly as single units on the output belt, where they can be easily reached to be processed directly by the operator or to be sent to the next phase.

The machine is completely customisable according to the customer’s requirements and offers considerable savings in terms of labour and time and, consequently, a greater production yield.

An example of potted plant processing line, made up of a buffer table for grouping and a buffet table for degrouping, successively.


  1. Feeding belt, complete with three-bar separation unit, L = 6000×1920 mm.
  2. Accumulation belt, L = 2400×500 mm.
  3. Exit belt, L = 1300×500 mm.
  4. Electric panel equipped with PLC and remote control panel with touch-screen.
  5. Fencing safety guards with access doors.
  • Pots belt exit speed adjustable by frequency drive.
  • Belts and take off three-bars device motion electronically controlled with encoder for position.
  • Radio remote control with start/stop on pots loading phase.
  • Available in left and right version.



  • Feeding belt length: up to 12000 mm.
  • Feeding belt width: up to 3000 mm.
  • Wheels kit, to facilitate the machine positioning.
Buffer table to degrouping pots URBINATI
THREE-BARS SEPARATION UNIT: the two lower bars (B e C) work on the pots, while the upper one (A) directly on the leaves, facilitating the separation between plants; at the same time, the pots advance on the accumulation belt.


Technical data

HOURLY PRODUCTION (max)pots/hour3000
POTS DIAMETER (min-max)mm90-400
FEEDING BELT DIMENSIONS (standard)mm1920x6000

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