Big-bale breaker


Big-bale breaker

Production up to n.3 bales/hour

The big-bale breaker is a machine that allows to obtain a homogeneous and uniform soil through the horizontal scraping system. The big-bale breaker CARBB is an efficient and strong machine, safe to use, with a space saving design, high production capacity and less maintenance.

The machine is completely controlled by a PLC and the functions are show on display; any outstanding or bending parts ensure maximum safety for the operator; lifting control with frequency driver allows a medium speed of drawing near and a minimum speed of precessing; moreover, the conservation of the big-bale inside the machine even in the moments of non-processing guarantees the maintenance of the right degree of humidity.

Optical sensor for an automatic check of dumped soil level; outside indicator of the big-bale processing status; acoustic signal for big-bale ending.

Technical data

 M.U.CARBB 2400CARBB 2600CARBB 2900
HOURLY PRODUCTION (max)bales/hour333
BALES DIMENSIONS (max)mm1200x12001200x12001200x1200
BALES HEIGHT (max)mm240026002900

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