Hydroponics culture and its specializations, such as aquaponics and vertical farming, are showing truly surprising results in agricultural sector. A vertical hydroponic cultivation can yield the equivalent of 5 hectares of traditionally cultivated land in just 400 square meters.

And with excellent results: vegetables with a luxuriant appearance and richer in mineral salts than those traditionally grown; all without the use of chemical pesticides thanks to the absence of soil.

To the higher quality of the products and maximization of the yield, hydroponics also adds the advantage of being able to reduce both the seasonality of crops and the traditional set aside of agricultural lands for their regeneration. For 12 months a year, in fact, with the appropriate fertilization of the cultivation water and a hygro-thermally controlled environment, the hydroponic technique allows to cultivate non-stop 365 days per year, even those particularly delicate and demanding varieties.

FAO estimates that by 2050 the world population will likely reach nearly 10 billion people; this demographic increase will rise requirement of agricultural products by 50% compared to current levels, thus intensifying the pressure on natural resources already under stress. Hydroponics and similar cultivation techniques seem to be truly the answer to achieving the zero-hunger goal for our planet.


Urbinati is ready for this new challenge: destacker for hydroponic containers; tray fillers; pressed peat blocks ready to be sown and transferred to a floating panels; germination chamber, for a uniform development of shoots before their transfer; automatic transplanters (under development) for transplanting directly into PVC gutters or similar supports.

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